Has Amazon Just Leaked a 2TB PS5 Model and Its Price?

Update: Amazon confirmed, via IGN, that the pricing listed on its website was in error. It was a “dummy product with a dummy price”. Allegedly, a 1TB console was also listed at the same price (£599.99).  We still don’t know the price of the console, even after the PS5 event, but we do know there are two models: one with a disc drive and one without
Original story follows below.

Generally, we ignore all leaks and rumours. But this supposed PS5 listing from Amazon has caught our attention.

Posted today on Hot UK Deals, a screenshot shows a “dummy” listing for a PlayStation 5. The link has since been removed, but the details have been captured via screenshot by a HUKD user, who apparently was also able to pre-order the listing.

There’s a couple of interesting things about the screenshot. First, the title says “2TB”. Everything we’ve heard suggests that the PS5 has a just-under 1TB hard drive – an already standard size in PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. But considering that the PS5 is set to have a super-fast and non-standard SSD, it makes sense that Sony may want to introduce a second model with a larger hard drive. After all, we’re not simply going to be able to plug in an external hard drive in the same way we currently can.


The next big thing here is the price: £599.99. It could be a placeholder, but it’s a very specific number to pull out of thin air. It’s expensive, but not out of the realms of possibility. After all, the PS4 Pro still retails at £350. And the Xbox One X, although now with a £280 RRP, was originally priced at £450. This seems like a reasonable leap for next gen – especially if this is a different model with more storage space.

It could be that a 1TB model costs, say, £499.99, and this 2TB model costs £599.99.

Image credit: Hot UK Deals

The timing of this listing is also interesting. Sony’s PS5 reveal event is scheduled for tomorrow, where new games will be showcased alongside more information about the console. Exactly what information will be revealed is unknown; we previously doubted we’d find out the price just yet, but it’s a possibility. It would make sense if Amazon had prepared the pre-order listing ready, and accidentally made a staging page live.

But as with any leak or rumour, we’ll take it with a pinch of salt – even though it does give some food for thought. If Sony are set to release the price of the PS5, we won’t have long to wait: the event is scheduled for Thursday at 9pm BST/1pm PDT.