Horizon Forbidden West, Aloy’s Next Adventure, Looks Bigger and Better Than Ever

Horizon Forbidden West

Aloy’s journey against the machines is far from over. This time she heads West, and encounters much more dangerous machines in Horizon Forbidden West.

Announced during yesterday’s PlayStation 5 reveal event, the sequel to the apocalyptic Horizon Zero Dawn will release on PlayStation 5. Titled Horizon Forbidden West, Aloy is once again at the helm, and once more she has a world to save. Only this time, the machines look bigger and badder than ever before.

Set in the more exotic and picturesque West of North America, the world once populated with the “old ones” looks more distant than ever; and nature has seemingly overgrown much of what has been left behind. But – for now at least – the animals thrive as birds soar through the air and crabs saunter on the beach.

But as we expected, there are “new dangers” lurking in Horizon Forbidden West‘s world. Thankfully, Aloy is ready for them. Our fearless heroine has never looked better thanks to the incredible power of the PlayStation 5. Every setting shown in the game’s first trailer is breathtaking. It’s also huge; Aloy may well be smaller in scale than ever in comparison to the world around her. Regardless, she’s determined to stop the evil machines from destroying this beautiful new world.

In the trailer, Aloy states that there is “no depth she won’t explore” – quite literally, as it turns out; we see her dive into a body of water, swimming through the gorgeous coral below the surface. But even in the ocean the machines are ever-present.

Watch the Horizon Forbidden West trailer below:

Swimming mechanical beasts aren’t the only new threat in Horizon Forbidden West, it would seem. The end of the trailer gives us a glimpse at a massive elephant-like creature. The ground literally shakes as it walks, their sheer size is unimaginable. But not for Aloy – she’s poised and ready.

Perhaps most importantly, Aloy is still searching and discovering new information about the “old ones”. In a dazzling scene, Aloy seems to remove the dirt from a chest as a vision of a huge dragon soars around her.

Horizon Forbidden West looks like it could be Aloy’s greatest ever adventure, and we can’t wait to get our hands on it. Sadly, there’s no release date just yet, but it’ll be releasing on PS5 when it does. We’ll have more information on the game as it becomes available.

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