How to Attach Equipment to Your Tractor in Farmer’s Dynasty

Your tractor is your best friend in Farmer’s Dynasty, but the attachments aren’t easy to add. Here’s everything you need to know.

A large part of the early hours in Farmer’s Dynasty will be spent on completing various quests for the NPCs around the map. This is the best way to get the equipment needed to work on your farm.

But once the attachments have been gained, it can be tricky to figure out attach them to your tractor. Farmer’s Dynasty gives no advice on this, and I’m sure all the NPCs are looking on and laughing at the farming newbie.


But it’s actually quite simple to do, despite the lack of instructions. All of the attachments have a part to them that can be hooked up to your tractor. You should easily be able to see what part needs to attach, as it typically sticks out.

To attach it, you need to reverse your tractor slowly so that the back of the tractor and the part of the attachment align. Once done you’ll see the options in the top left corner now include the option to “hook” the equipment. Press the prompted button and hey presto – your tool is now attached.

The majority of the attachments are equipped in the same manner, and once you get into the swing of reversing into it, it’s very easy to do.