How to Fix Your Farm in Farmer’s Dynasty

One of the first quests you get in Farmer’s Dynasty is to fix up your grandfather’s old farm. It’s the start of your journey and your farming legacy, and repairing the farm feels so rewarding.

But there’s a lot to be done. Plus, it’s not always clear what does need to be repaired. Here’s everything you need to know to get started on fixing your farm in Farmer’s Dynasty.

Overall, you need to fix the greenhouse, the two bigger barns, the hen house and your house. It sounds like a lot, but  it becomes quite simple once you get the hang of it.


Repairing is as simple as choosing the right tool to hold (just don’t hold the scaffolding or be empty handed – those are the only other options). Then, use the ‘inspect’ option to see what needs to be repaired. Areas that need repair will be red.

Walk up to the area, and press the ‘action’ button to repair the area. Press the button the amount of times needed – this is indicated by the yellow dots. Ensure you don’t start on a new area until you’ve finished the one you’re on, otherwise the work you’ve done will be reset.

To repair the roof, lay out the scaffolding to reach the higher areas, and then fix the roof in the same manner. You can stand on the roof, and you can even jump off it once you’re done; there’s no fall damage in Farmer’s Dynasty.

Be sure to fix everything both inside and outside. On the outside, the parts nearest to the ground can be easy to miss, as can some of the areas inside too.

Once you’ve fixed everything on a building, the quest will be updated and say you’ve fixed it.

Fixing the house in Farmer’s Dynasty can be the most annoying as there’s a lot that can be missed. There are three areas in particular that are easy to overlook:

  • Ensure you go to the basement and check there
  • In the living area on the ground floor, there’s a bathroom hidden away in the right corner. Be sure that is fixed.
  • Upstairs, at the end of the corridor, there is a hatch to the attic. Be sure to open that and fix everything in the attic too.

Once everything is repaired in Farmer’s Dynasty, your quest will be completed. Hey presto, you’ll have your very own farm that is in good repair!