How to Get Better Tools in Summer in Mara

In Summer in Mara, main character Koa starts out with a set of basic tools. Here’s everything you need to know about upgrading them.

Very early on in Summer in Mara, you’ll be told you need a better tool for something. When trying to break a rock, it’ll say that you need a better hammer. Trying to dig up some old weeds? You’ll need a better hoe.

Sadly, there’s no quick and easy way to upgrade your tools. You’ll simply have to progress through the story until you’re given new recipes for each item. That means you’ll have to deal with not being able to break up those rocks for several hours. Sorry.


Each tool will get at least one upgrade during the course of Summer in Mara, and they’ll be given to you as part of main story quests. Once you reach the necessary quest, you’ll be given a recipe; you’ll need to gather the ingredients then return to Koa’s island in order to craft it.

Some tools have more than one upgrade, such as the hammer. So even though one upgrade may make it strong enough to break some new rocks, it might not be enough for others. Keep on playing, and you’ll eventually get all the upgrades you need.