How to Open Chests in Summer in Mara

If you’ve been playing the lovely adventure game Summer in Mara for a while, you’ll probably have come across chests. But they’re locked. How do you open them? Read on.

Annoyingly, it’s never made clear how to open chests in Summer in Mara. When you find a chest, your character Koa will say she needs something to open it with. What that something is is never made clear. Can you jimmy it with a tool? Smash it with your hammer? No – you can only open chests with a key.

Annoyingly, you’ll rarely find keys while out exploring. Only certain merchants sell them – we’ve found the most reliable place to purchase them is from the large pirate boat you’ll find once you’re able to explore the waters.


From there, you can buy bronze, silver or gold keys. They’ll all open different types of chests – but you can only use a key once. If you’ve got enough money, it’s a good idea to buy a few keys when you can, just so you have them available when you come across a chest.

That said, don’t go overboard; there aren’t many chests in Summer in Mara, and only a handful require you to open them for the sake of a mission. But it’s always handy if you already have one in your inventory; otherwise, you’ll have to sail to a merchant, then sail all the way back.