How to Sell Items in Summer in Mara

In Summer in Mara, a peaceful exploration game available now on PC and Switch, you’ll accumulate a lot of stuff. But how do you sell it? Read on.

Buying and selling is at the heart of your adventure in Summer in Mara. You’ll grow produce, which you can eat or use in recipes. You’ll also need to give items to NPCs as part of quests. But what do you do to earn money, and what do you do with all your surplus items? You sell them, of course.

Selling items in Summer in Mara is easy. You can sell to any merchant in the game. When visiting a shop, simply press ‘X’ to sell. In the menu, select everything you want to sell, and when you’re done, confirm the transaction.


You can only sell up to eight items at a time, but multiples of the same item is fine. You’ll need to hold down the button in order to sell more than one of the same thing (or simply click it multiple times).

Before selling to the first merchant you come across, though, it’s worth shopping around. Each merchant in Mara has certain items that they’re willing to pay more for. The blacksmith, for example, will give you more for materials you’ve mined, while the vegetable trader will give you more for your home-grown produce. It may only be a few coins more, but it makes all the difference.

Just be careful  you don’t sell items you need for a quest, or you’ll find yourself needing to search for it, or buy it again. Summer in Mara doesn’t mark these differently from the rest of your inventory, so it’s up to you to keep an eye on what’s important.