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How to Upgrade Your Skills, Spells and Weapons in Project Warlock

Wondering how to upgrade your skills, weapons and spells in Project Warlock? Here’s what you need to know.

Project Warlock can be unforgiving at times, particularly if you’ve chosen to play with only three lives. So you need all the help you can get. You earn upgrade points as you play, and you’ll also find them as pickups, scattered around the levels. But what do you do when you’ve got them?

The answer is that you wait. Once you’ve got upgrade points in Project Warlock, you can’t use them until you’ve finished a group of levels. You need to be in your workshop, which you return to after you’ve finished a set of levels. So if you’re playing “The Prisons”, part of the first episode, you have to wait until you’ve finished that pair of levels. You can exit to the workshop but all points you’ve earned from that episode will be binned.

Once you’ve finished the set of levels you’re on, go to the first glowing terminal you come across and hit the ‘interact’ button. There are actually several terminals, one for weapons, one for stats etc., but you can go left and right on each terminal to access all the upgrade options at once. You can now upgrade in Project Warlock to your heart’s content.

A few things to watch out for, though. Firstly, while your player stats and player perks are a separate pool (stats use stat points), your spells and weapon upgrades use one single pool. So if you use all your 10 points to purchase a powerful spell, you’ll have nothing left to spend on weapon upgrades.

Also, while weapon upgrades generally make weapons more powerful, some make them less effective against certain enemies. Once applied, you can’t downgrade your upgrades. So if you turn your pistol into a flare gun you get to watch your enemies burn – but you’ll find that enemies who are clad in flame-retardant suits take less damage. So make sure you’re happy with the changes you make before applying upgrade points.

Happy pixel murdering!

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