Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Techie or Gaming Dad

Not bought your dad a Father’s Day gift yet? Don’t worry, there’s still time; and we have some ideas for you.

If your dad considers himself a bit ‘techie’, a bit of a gamer, or even just a big kid at heart, there’s an abundance of gifts out there. There’s something to suit all budgets, too; whether you want to spend a fiver on a pair of socks or £300+ on a fancy-ass LEGO model, we’ve got your covered.

Take a look at our last-minute Father’s Day gift ideas below that your dad is sure to love. Everything is available with either fast delivery or digital, so you know you can get it to him on time, too! See, we’ve thought of everything.

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For the gaming dad

Six month Xbox Game Pass (£35) – If dad’s got an Xbox, give him access to over 200 games instantly. That’ll keep him busy and out of mum’s hair for a while. It’s a digital code too, so print it off and stick it in his card. Hey presto!

Logitech G920 steering wheel (£250/$300) – Let your dad enjoy the wonder of getting behind the wheel without having to worry about running errands for you or giving you a lift. The Logitech G920 is a little pricey, but it’s one of the best steering wheels out there. Just make sure you buy the correct format.

PSN credit ($5/£5+) – If your dad’s a PS4 gamer, then PlayStation Network credit is ideal. You can buy the amount that best suits your budget, and he can buy whatever game he fancies most. Everyone’s a winner.

Amiibo (~$15/£15) – Prices of Amiibo vary greatly depending what’s still available, but there are plenty out there for around $15 or less. It’s a cool little gift to remind your dad of his favourite videogame character; he can put it on his desk without it taking up too much space.

For the tech-minded dad

Sony Wireless Bluetooth headphones (£40/$40) – A pair of good-quality headphones that don’t break the bank make for a great gift. This Sony headset allows your dad to listen to his tunes wherever he is.

Anti-theft laptop bag ($30) – If your dad has a laptop, he probably needs somewhere decent to keep it safe. This padded laptop bag will ensure it stays safe when not in use, and it’s handy if he ever needs to travel with it, too.

Portable power bank (£30/$32) – Our dads are always on their phones. If yours is too, a portable power bank could be the ideal gift. They come in numerous shapes and sizes, but this Anker one is reasonably priced and comes from a reputable brand. It’ll allow your dad to keep his phone charged when away from home. As long as he remembers to charge the power bank, that is…

Echo Dot (£35/$35) – Echo Dots are a great introduction to the world of smart devices. They’re inexpensive, but pack in a decent speaker, and Alexa is pretty helpful too. Your dad can use it to play his favourite music through – and he can also have Alexa help him with the weekly crossword. And set reminders for him. You never know; he might stop asking you so many silly questions instead.

For the kid-at-heart dad

LEGO Star Wars Boba Fett helmet (£55/$60) – LEGO makes a fantastic gift no matter what your age. These Star Wars busts – there’s Boba Fett, a Tie Fighter pilot and a Stormtrooper available – make excellent display pieces when finished, and they’re a lot of fun to build. Best yet, they’re even marked “18+” on the box, which makes it officially Not a Toy.

Rubik’s Cube (£8/$8) – Rubik’s Cubes come in various shapes and sizes these days – there are even app-powered ones that connect to your phone. But sometimes keeping it simple is the best. Rubik’s Cubes are very inexpensive and make a fun little gift for any dad.

Remote Control Super Mario Kart (£35/$35) – Everyone loves a remote control car. Your dad definitely does, even if he doesn’t admit it. And who doesn’t love Mario? This cute mini-sized RC racer will provide hours of entertainment. And when your dad’s got bored of it, you can just steal it for yourself.