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Hunting Simulator 2 3 (1)

Latest Hunting Simulator 2 Trailer Shows off Its Equipment

Launching at the end of this month on PS4 and Xbox One and midway through July on PC, the latest trailer for Hunting Simulator 2 shows off the equipment available to those in pursuit of game.

Over 60 weapons are available in Hunting Simulator 2, spread across four categories. It’s up to you to select the right weapon for the job, along with the right calibre ammo. Choose incorrectly, and you’ll either have a hard time bringing your target down, or ruin your trophy. You might also find yourself being fined.

There are more than just weapons for you to consider though; a wide assortment of scents and other helpful items are also available to help in your hunting endeavours. You’ll need to obtain licenses before you head out to hunt, and if your excursion is fruitful, you can choose whether to sell your hunt for cash, or keep it as a trophy. The more cash you earn, the more weapons and other helpful equipment you can buy.

Perhaps one of the best new additions to Hunting Simulator 2 is the addition of dogs. No longer do you have to hunt by yourself; with a dog by your side, you can track animals more effectively. You can read more about it in our preview of the game.

Check out ‘The Best Equipment’ trailer for Hunting Simulator 2 below. Then maybe preorder the game to secure your copy for launch. It launches 30th June for PS4 and Xbox One, 16th July for PC, and later this year for Switch.

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