Little Orpheus, The Chinese Room’s New Game, is Out Now on Apple Arcade

Little Orpheus

First announced last year, Little Orpheus is a platform adventure game inspired by the likes of classic films such as Flash Gordon and The Land That Time Forgot.

It’s been developed by The Chinese Room, the company behind Dear Esther and the excellent Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture. The company has been quiet in recent years, though was recently acquired by Sumo Digital. But its new game, Little Orpheus, has just surprised-dropped onto Apple Arcade. That’s right – it’s available now.

Little Orpheus is quite the departure from The Chinese Room’s previous releases. Both Dear Esther and Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture are first person narrative games, set in realistic worlds. Slow-paced, they rely on player exploration, where a thoughtful narrative unfolds as we progress. In stark contrast, Little Orpheus looks fast, over-the-top, and entirely fantastical.


Set in 1962, it’s a side-scrolling adventure where you play the role of Ivan, a Soviet cosmonaut. He’s been sent in his capsule, the titular Little Orpheus, to the centre of the Earth on a secret mission to save the planet. Players will experience Ivan’s adventures as he uncovers hidden kingdoms and prehistoric civilisations hidden below the Earth’s crust.

If that sounds like something you’d enjoy, Little Orpheus is available right now on iOS via Apple Arcade. Costing just £5 a month, Apple Arcade gives subscribers instant access to a growing library of games – and this looks like one worth downloading. Give the trailer a watch below.