New Furniture is Up For Grabs in Animal Crossing: New Horizon’s June Event

June is wedding season – or at least it is in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

A new month means a new event is available on your island. This time, it finally gives you a decent reason to head to Harvey’s island – you know, the creepy dog with a photo studios. There, you’ll find Cyrus and Reese – a loved-up pair of alpacas celebrating their wedding anniversary.

They want your help recreating their wedding photographs. To do so, you’ll have access to exclusive furniture to deck out Harvey’s studio like a wedding chapel. Set everything up just right, and snap some photos of Cyrus and Reese. When you’re done, talking to Reese will net you a couple of rewards.


First up, she’ll gift you a wedding bench – one of the exclusive props available to use in the studio. But you’ll also get some ‘heart crystals’ – a form of currency that can be exchanged with Cyrus for more furniture, wallpaper and flooring.

Cyrus and Reese will be at Harvey’s studio all month, so you’re able to head over every day and help them take a new photo. Today, that means recreating their wedding day. It’s likely that every day might offer up a new scene, and the rewards will vary depending on what that scene is.

It only takes a few minutes to head to Harvey’s island and set up the scene, but it’s yet another fun distraction from the main grind of your island. And anything that rewards you with new furniture is a winner in our book.  Make sure you check it out before the month is up to unlock some new items.