Path of Exile: Harvest Launches This Month on PC and Console

Path of Exile Harvest

Good news for Path of Exile players: its next expansion, Harvest, launches later this month on PC and consoles.

Cultivating a wild garden and exploring the secrets of its power alongside Oshabi is the focus of Harvest. Players will be able to find seeds spread throughout the world of Wraeclast, and then plant them in a Sacred Grove. When ready to be harvested, powerful beats will be unearthed, and upon beating them their lifeforce can be extracted. With this lifeforce, you can then partake in some powerful crafting, or use it to grow more exotic crops.

The crafting options found in Path of Exile: Harvest are said to be unmatched by any previous expansion, but that’s not all that it adds. There are four new Warcry skills, 12 new unique items, a new Slam skill category, three new Brands, a passive skill tree revamp, and more. To find out everything that is new or updated in the expansion, check out the game’s website.


Path of Exile: Harvest will be available on PC on 19th June. Unfortunately PS4 and Xbox One players will have to wait until the following week to gain access. Check out the trailer and developer commentary below for a taste of what to expect.