Puzzle Platformer Ageless is Headed to Nintendo Switch and PC This July


Control plants and animals with a mysterious bow in Ageless coming soon.

Team17 and One More Dream Studios announced today that their puzzle-platformer Ageless is headed to PC and Nintendo Switch on 28th July.

Ageless tells the story of Kiara, a girl who sets out on a journey of self discovery. Along the way she discovers a magical bow that can age and de-age all of the flora and fauna around her. Players will have to learn how to utilise this new ability to not only traverse environments, but solve puzzles as well.


From the trailer – which you can view below – Ageless looks like a lovely pixel art adventure that allows Kiara to manipulate her environment in a variety of ways. Kiara can grow plants to get across large gaps, or use magic with the animals to perform other fantastic feats. Not all things are as they seem though; you’ll likely find yourself scratching your head to find a solution along the way.

If you’re looking to play a brand new puzzle platforming adventure, keep your eyes peeled for Ageless. It’s releasing on Nintendo Switch and PC on 28th July.

And check out that trailer below.