Sea of Thieves is Now Available on Steam

Sea of Thieves

You no longer need an Xbox One or the Windows 10 Store to lead the life of a pirate. Rare’s Sea of Thieves is now also available on Steam.

We didn’t reckon much to Sea of Thieves at launch, but since then it’s been updated, enhanced, and expanded upon greatly. Whether you want to team up with friends or strangers and take on other scurvy dogs, or go out an adventure by your lonesome, Sea of Thieves now has something for you. And support for it doesn’t seem like it will be ending any time soon. We can only imagine it getting better and better to be honest.

You’ll have to pay for it on Steam, though. While Sea of Thieves is included in Xbox Game Pass on Xbox One and the Windows 10 Store, on Steam you’ll have to part with £34.99/$39.99 to take to the seas. Still, it’s not a bad price considering how much there is to it and that updates are free. It supports cross-play too, so you’ll always have someone to team up with or try to sink. Be sure to check it out if you’ve ever wanted to live a life of piracy. Arrrgh!