Two Darius Collections Are Launching Next Week

Darius Cozmic Collection Arcade_Screenshot_04 (1)

If you’re a fan of shoot ’em ups, you’ll be well aware of the classic Darius series.

Beginning in 1986 in arcades, it’ll be much easier to get acquainted with the many entries in the series from next week. Two Darius collections are being released, each bundling up numerous releases.

Darius Cozmic Collection Arcade will, as you’ve probably already guessed, feature four Darius titles released in arcades. There are multiple versions of some of them, too. It includes the original, new and extra arcade versions of Darius, the dual screen arcade version of Darius II, arcade versions 1 & 2 of SAGAIA, and the arcade version of Darius Gaiden. It launches for PS4 and Switch on 16th June, and will retail for £34.99/$44.99.


Darius Cozmic Collection Console, on the other hand, bundles up six Darius titles made for console. And again, there are multiple versions of some. It includes the Japanese version of Darius II for the SEGA Mega Drive, the US Genesis and EU Master System versions of SAGAIA, the JP Super Famicom and US Super NES versions of Darius Twin, the JP Super Famicom version of Darius Force, the US Super NES version of Super Nova, the JP PC Engine version of Darius Alpha, and finally, the JP PC Engine version of Darius Plus. It also releases for PS4 and Switch on 16th June, and will retail for £44.99/$59.99.

If you’re into shoot ’em ups, these collections are likely not to be missed. Check out trailers for them both below.