What Can You Spend Gems on in Minecraft Dungeons?

Minecraft Dungeons

As you play through Minecraft Dungeons, you’ll amass lots of gems. But what are these used for?

As you’d expect, gems – or emeralds – in Minecraft Dungeons are a form of currency. You’ll earn them naturally while playing the game. Some enemies will drop them after you’ve defeated them, and you’ll also find them in chests and pots. When you salvage items you no longer need, you’ll also amass some gems.

However, while in a level, there’s nothing that you can do with your gems. They’ll simply gather in your inventory. It’s not until you’ve finished a level and travelled back to the safety of your home camp that you can spend them.


At your camp, you’ll have a choice of two vendors to spend your gems at. The blacksmith is the first to unlock. At the blacksmith, you’ll be able to exchange a fixed amount of gems for a weapon or piece of armour.

Once you’ve completed the Pumpkin Patch level of Minecraft Dungeons, you’ll unlock a second vendor. This trader will allow you to exchange your gems for artifacts – the items in your inventory that offer powerful attacks or perks.

However, there’s a catch: you can’t choose what items you purchase from either vendor. You’ll be gifted a random item. It might be something you want, or it might be completely useless to you.

It means in order to use your gems on an item that’s actually worthwhile, you may have to spend a considerable amount with a vendor. It’s a bit like a lucky dip. But thankfully, you’ll earn plenty of gems naturally – especially as you play Minecraft Dungeons on higher difficulty levels. Keep spending, and you’ll eventually get that worthwhile item.