Wintermoor Tactics Club is a Delightful Take on the Turn-Based Strategy Genre

What would you do if your school suddenly decided that your beloved extra-curricular club had to close down?

That’s the situation Alicia, your protagonist in Wintermoor Tactics Club, finds herself in. Her free time at her prestigious boarding school is spent playing Curses & Catacombs with her friends. Without that D&D-like role-playing tactics game, however, she feels lost. And her headteacher has just announced that all clubs – apart from one – will be disbanded immediately.

Which one club gets to stay, you ask? Well, each club must battle it out in a snowball fight tournament. The club that comes out victorious gets to survive. Luckily for Alicia and the rest of her tactics club, they have an ace up their sleeves; they can use the skills they’ve picked up from C&C in order to best their rivals.

And so begins the tale of Wintermoor Tactics Club. Outside of turn-based combat, you’ll explore the school, talk to classmates and make new friends. The presentation here is sublime; gorgeous animation brings the characters to life with a surprising level of polish. It’s a pleasure to walk around Wintermoor and engage with its students, and the narrative that unfolds as you do will instantly captivate.

Of course, it’s the game’s turn-based battles that are perhaps the real draw. Even if you’re not usually a fan of strategy, Wintermoor Tactics Club quickly sucks you in. Its brief but effective tutorial shows you the ropes, and your characters’ initially limited moveset helps to ease you in. Success comes easy to begin with – but not in a way to put off veterans of the genre. As you progress through the game, you’ll unlock new characters and abilities, opening up your arsenal and allowing you to play around with new strategies. Your enemies become more capable and powerful too, giving you an ever greater challenge.

The video atop this article picks up near the beginning of the game; just as Wintermoor students have been told that their clubs will be closing. Follow the Tactics Club as they engage in their first snowball fight and as they begin their journey to find out exactly what is happening at their school.

It’s impossible not to recommend Wintermoor Tactics Club. Even if turn-based strategy is not usually your thing, it’s worth your time. It’s an excellent game put together with a great amount of love and care. And at only £12/$15 on Steam, it’s worth every penny.