Wolfstride, a Black-and-White Turn-Based Mech Battler is Coming to PC


Wolfstride is coming! Not to be confused with Wolfstrides, a range of really furry pants, this upcoming PC game will let you prove your worth in the mech-arena.

Wolfstride casts you as ex-Yakuza Dominique Shade who, we’re guessing, is so sick of being asked if he knows Kazuma Kiryu he decided to take our his frustrations trying to win the Ultimate Mech Tournament. The snag is that maintaining a giant robot costs money; so, stepping out of his mechanical monstrosity, he has to roam the streets of Rain City, taking odd jobs from locals. What could possibly go wrong?

Wolfstride sports a turn-based RPG style combat system and a black-and-white aesthetic that looks absolutely gorgeous. The mechs you get to mess about with appear to be the Japanese Gundam style variety, not the Mechwarrior variety that are essentially walking tanks.

It was first revealed at the Guerrilla Collective online festival, accompanied by a very cool-looking animated trailer, which you can view below. It’s being developed by Ota Imon, a development team based in São Paulo, Brazil and will be put out by indie publishers Raw Fury.

While the mech-fighting looks cool, we’re also intrigued by the side-jobs, which include washing a cat. As someone who’s previously tried to bathe a moggy, that’s a more terrifying prospect than actually fighting giant robots.

There’s no firm release date for Wolfstride but it’s set to land on the PC some time in 2021. For more information, head to the game’s official website. Now if only someone would write a game where you pilot a submarine while giving a cat a pill…