1Xbox games with the most gamerscore

Calling all achievement hunters!

Love them or hate them, achievements are a mainstay of all modern video games. Personally we love them – and since you’re here, it probably means you do too. Yay!

While all games on Xbox One offer at least 1,000 achievement points as standard, there are a handful of games that offer way more than usual. Sometimes it’s because of the addition of DLC, or maybe the game is a collection of multiple titles, all with their own achievement lists. Either way, we see a game having more than 1,000 achievement points as an added bonus.

We’ve gathered together the 20 games that offer the most achievement points, ranging from 2,000 points all the way to 10,000. Holy moly! So if you still like to hear that satisfying pop of an achievement unlocking, then you ought to seek out some of these titles. Without further ado, here are the Xbox One games that offer the most gamerscore.