1Bargain of the Century

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Now in open beta, Xbox Game Pass for PC offers tremendous value for money.

You have to jump through some hoops to get access to it, and it is in open beta so there are one or two teething issues, but if you have a PC and love games Xbox Game Pass for PC is a must-have.

Over 100 games are currently available, but if Xbox Game Pass for PC ends up being like its console counterpart that number might double in size eventually. But you’ll only pay the same amount each month, which is currently £3.99/$4.99. Once the open beta has ended, which is likely to be at least a few months away, the price will rise to £7.99/$9.99.

With so many games to play, you’re probably wondering which ones you should play first once you’ve signed up. Hopefully we can help with that. Here are the games which we think are the best available on Xbox Game Pass for PC.