12Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist

Splinter Cell Blacklist

This game is Xbox One X enhanced

One of the best stealth games released on Xbox 360 is now one of the best stealth games on Xbox One. If you’ve not yet played Splinter Cell: Blacklist, what are you waiting for?

We said: Playable on Xbox One thanks to backwards compatibility, we haven’t got a review for Splinter Cell: Blacklist because GameSpew didn’t exist when it was released. We sure as hell played it though, and we thought it was great. Splinter Cell: Blacklist made some welcome tweaks to the tried and tested formula, including the addition of co-op play. Released towards the end of the Xbox 360’s life, Splinter Cell: Blacklist still looks good on a standard Xbox One. It’s enhanced for Xbox One X though, and when played on one it almost looks like a current gen game.

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