13Sniper Elite 4

Sniper Elite 4 may be all about shooting people, but it’s also about doing it as stealthily as you can. It is undoubtedly the best game in the Sniper Elite series, and also one of the best stealth games on Xbox One.

We said: “Standing head and shoulders above its predecessors, Sniper Elite 4 is Rebellion assuredly stepping up their game. Sure, the story at the heart of the campaign is still a bit duff, but who plays games like this for the narrative? I certainly don’t. What’s important is that all of Sniper Elite 4’s gameplay tweaks and improvements come together to create a package that feels solid and succinct, offering an experience that is enjoyably tense and rewarding. What’s more, it’s always thrilling lining up that perfect shot before witnessing its gruesome effects on your victim via the x-ray kill-cam. Perfection eludes it due to the small amount of screen-tearing and somewhat repetitive sub-objectives, but Sniper Elite 4 is essential for the armchair sniper out there looking for their next sure-fire hit.”

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