If you want a good old-fashioned stealth game to sink your teeth into on Xbox One, Aragami is it. Playing it is like being taken back in time, but that’s no bad thing.

We said: “With its elegant design, solid gameplay and a narrative that keeps you engaged, Aragami is a wonderful return – and tribute – to the old formula of classic stealth. There are some niggles here and there that can be rather irritating, but it’s not enough to put a black mark on this otherwise great game. Since we are so used to bigger, AAA titles these days, you may need a brief period to readjust. I wasn’t sure myself at first, but when I put the hours in, it made me realise why games like this are sorely missed today. Aragami is a title that deserves a bigger budget, and maybe sometime in the future, that’s what it’ll get. But for now, anyone with a love for classic, stealth-based games should not pass up this one.”

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