15Alien Isolation

Stealthy and scary, those are the two best words you can use to describe Alien Isolation. More than just one of the best stealth games on Xbox One, Alien Isolation is perhaps the best Alien game ever.

We said: As it was released in October 2014, a few months before GameSpew even existed, we don’t have a review for Alien Isolation. If we had reviewed it, however, we would have raved about it. Alien Isolation has you exploring a space station in the hope of finding information about your missing mother, Ellen Ripley. The only problem is, there’s a Xenomorph there too, and it’s insistent on making your life a living hell. Your only hope of surviving the ordeal is to sneak around like a pro, and you’ll do so while utterly terrified. Yeah, Alien Isolation is scary, but also rather brilliant.

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