Borderlands 3 Celebrates its One Year Anniversary with New In-Game Events

borderlands 3

Hey there minion! It’s me, Claptrap!

It’s been almost a year since I saved the entire universe from those crazies Troy and Tyreen – with a little bit of help from you vault hunters. And what better way to celebrate such a victory than by giving you more content?

Starting today, you can enjoy six weeks of mini-events and enjoy expanded Eridium spending options in Borderlands 3. The innocent citizens over at 2K and Gearbox Software have worked hard under my command to plan out different events in the run up to the game’s one-year anniversary.


To see what each week is going to be about you can log on to the Borderlands website or look at the Borderlands social channels

Here’s a quick overview of what events are coming up in the game:

  • ECHOcast Overload (30 July to 6 August) – Better chance of scoring loot during Rare Chest Events in the ECHOcast Twitch extension
  • Bonus Boss Loot (6 August to 13 August) – Most bosses have an increased chance to drop Legendary loot
  • Loot Monster Mayhem (13 August to 20 August) – Increased spawn rates for Loot variant enemies
  • Show Me The Eridium (20 August to 27 August) – Increased Eridium drops, plus Eridium item discounts
  • Mayhem Made Mild (27 August to 3 September) – All Easy modifiers in Mayhem Mode
  • Making It Rain (3 September to 10 September) – Enemies drop more in-game cash.

The team behind Borderlands 3 has also recently launched a quality-of-life update to the game. It includes more Eridium options, adjustments to boss loot pools and other suggestions from you ungrateful skag-licks. Those of you who don’t have lives, unlike me, can spend their hard-earned Eridium at “Veteran Rewards vending machines” you can find on Sanctuary III.

And while you’re there if you drop by and massage some oil onto my rusty parts I’d appreciate it. I’ve got to look good for my date to the one year anniversary dinner that… you weren’t supposed to know about… ANYWAY!

All you need to start playing and enjoy this new content is a copy of Borderlands 3 and your nearest gaming console. So come on over and get started!