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Can You Get Rid of Ooblets in Ooblets?

Are you wondering if you can get rid of Ooblets in the game of the same name? Do you regret growing three clickyclaws, just because you wanted a dance line of pure rage? Here’s what you need to know.

Ooblets lets you amass mini-horde of tiny animals, known as, er, Ooblets. Getting your hands on Ooblets is pretty easy, too – win any dance battle and you’ll have the option of getting an Ooblet seed. But what about when you want to get rid of some of those Oolbets? Turns out that all you need is an Oobshredder, a plastic raincoat, several bin bags, and a very, very strong stomach.

UPDATE: As of the latest Ooblets Early Access update you can in fact get rid of Ooblets! To do this, you need to walk to the top of the town, next to the gate into the wilderness. You’ll find an NPC standing there who will explain that you can in fact get rid of Ooblets by sending them off on a long walk into the forest. Which, if we’re honest, actually sounds worse than shredding them.

Actually, we’re lying – we wouldn’t be that evil. Probably. The truth is that, right now, there’s no way to get rid of Ooblets you don’t want – you’re stuck with them for now. In all honesty, we’d feel a little guilty about giving Ooblets the boot, much in the same way it’s hard to bring yourself to shove an Animal Crossing villager out of town.

You can stop an Ooblet following you by sending it back to your farmhouse, if you’d like. Open up your menu, navigate to the ‘Ooblets’ tab, and select the Ooblet you want. From there, you can send them back to the farm, where they’ll wander around your land all day rather than accompanying you on your travels.

You can swap and change what Ooblets you have following you and who is left behind on the farm at any time from the menu.

It’s likely that the ability to remove Ooblets altogether will be added reasonably soon, given how many people have requested the feature. It makes sense to be able to drop Ooblets from your Oob Troupe. Glumberland, the team behind Ooblets, has said the game will be in Early Access for a year, so there’s likely to be lots of changes.

But for now, there’s no way to completely get rid of the Ooblets you don’t want.

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