Does Neon Abyss Have Co-op or Multiplayer Features?

Neon Abyss

If you’re heading into Rogue-like platformer Neon Abyss for the first time, you might be wondering: can I bring a friend along?

The answer is, technically, no you can’t. Neon Abyss doesn’t have any multiplayer or co-op features, online or otherwise. It’s a shame; the zaniness of the game would lend itself well to two players working together to beat its rooms.

However: all is not lost. The style of the game means it’s very easy for multiple local players to join in the game.

You could pass the controller around, taking it in turns to complete one room at a time. Or you could let one player take the helm, and challenge each other to get further than the player before.

So even though Neon Abyss has no official multiplayer features, with a bit of ingenuity, it’s easy to enjoy in couch co-op if you’d like. But sadly there’s no way to play online.