Ghost of Tsushima Update Adds New Lethal Difficulty Level and More

Ghost of Tsushima 01_Overlook 02

Patch 1.05 for Sucker Punch Productions’ Ghost of Tsushima has landed, and if you’ve been finding the game too easy, it has just the solution for you.

The latest update for Ghost of Tsushima adds a new lethal difficulty level, which not only makes enemy weapons more deadly, but also Jin’s. It makes combat much more tense, and players will also find it more challenging thanks to increased enemy aggression and the parry and dodge windows being tightened. Those who opt for stealth may find things a little tougher too, as enemies will detect them faster.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, a new lower intensity combat mode has also been added which makes Ghost of Tsushima more accessible. With lower intensity mode enabled, most unblockable attacks become blockable, and enemies break off their attack combos after dealing damage, giving players time to recover. Enemy awareness also builds more slowly, and players won’t be attacked while they’re using Resolve to heal.


Outside of making the game easier or harder, there are some other changes as a result of update 1.05. There are bug fixes, of course, as well as new subtitle options. Players can now make the subtitles larger if they want, and turn off the speaker’s name. The subtitles can also now be coloured yellow, blue, green or red in addition to white.

If you’ve not yet picked up Ghost of Tsushima, read our review to find out more about it, or watch our video review below.