How Long Does it Take to Beat Carrion?

Are you thinking about buying Carrion and want to know many hours of human-munching it offers? Or maybe you’ve already got it and are wondering if you’ll be able to finish it before 2020 gets even worse? Read on.

Carrion sees you slaughtering, sneaking and skittering your way through a research complex, seeking to escape and unleash yourself on the wider world. There’s a lot of murdering and munching to do as well as plenty of backtracking as you roam around the complex, picking up abilities that, in turn, allow you to access other areas. But how long is all this likely to take you? How long does it take to beat Carrion?

Typically, you’re looking at between 4 and 7 hours before you see the ending.


It’s possible to get a little lost, since there’s no map. Therefore, it’s possible you’ll spend even longer roaming around the complex before you get free. Conversely, if you know exactly what you’re doing, you’ve got a decent chance of speedrunning the game; you’ll still need to pick up the primary abilities to progress but you can whizz through most enemy-filled areas if you don’t mind taking a little damage.

Once you’ve cleared out the enemies they’re gone for good so there’s not a lot of incentive to stick around, though Carrion is well worth replaying from scratch.

Happy skittering!