How Long Does it Take to Beat Destroy All Humans!?

destroy all humans remake 2

Out now, Destroy All Humans! has been brilliantly remade for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

There are some changes, however, such as no longer needing to collect DNA to unlock story missions. So you might be wondering, how long does it take to beat Destroy All Humans!?

If you just want to make your way through Destroy All Humans!‘s story without engaging in any side content, you’ll probably find yourself watching its credits after 8-10 hours or so of play. There are no difficulty levels, however, and some bits can be rather tricky.


To make the game easier, and have more fun with it, you can return to the areas you’ve visited during the story and simply explore. Each area has numerous challenges for you to find and complete, as well as many drones to find. And as you do so, you’ll earn valuable DNA that can be used to power up your arsenal as well as your flying saucer.

In additional to the new optional objectives added to each mission, those wanting to see and do everything that Destroy All Humans! has to offer will find probably themselves playing the game for 15 hours or more.