How Long Does it Take to Beat Maid of Sker?

Maid of Sker 4 (1)

From Wales Interactive, Maid of Sker is an atmospheric horror set in an old Welsh hotel.

In it, you play as Thomas, tasked with facing the horrors that lurk in the hotel’s corridors in an effort to save his love, Elisabeth. But how long does it take to complete Maid of Sker?

This isn’t the longest adventure you’ll have. Our playthrough of Maid of Sker took us just over five hours, but your mileage may vary depending on how much of the hotel you explore, and if you have to spend any time retracing your steps.

You see, Maid of Sker doesn’t have any autosave function, so if you die you’ll go back to the last save point. Forget to save, or miss a save point, and you’ll find yourself needing to replay quite a chunk of the game.

But providing nothing in the game causes you too much trouble, you should expect to beat it within four to six hours.