How to Beat Argus, God of Darknet in Neon Abyss

The first manager you come across in Neon Abyss is Argus, God of Darknet. He’s the first truly challenging boss, so how do you beat him?

Every boss you’ve fought so far in Neon Abyss has probably posed no problem. Most have simple to gauge attack patterns and, depending on your loadout, they’re easy enough to simply brute-force your way through. But not Argus. This red, angry demon requires a bit more agility and strategy on your part.

While Argus, God of Darknet’s attacks are somewhat random each time, they generally follow a typical pattern.


Argus will appear on screen for a few seconds at the start of the fight, before disappearing. You cannot attack him at this point. He’ll then spawn small red enemies on the screen at random points. These small red enemies attack in one of two ways:

  • They fire lasers horizontally and vertically from their position; or
  • They shoot fireballs directly at you.

There’s no way to discern which of these two attacks will come, but you should expect either at any time. In order to avoid the lasers, simply ensure you’re not stood directly underneath or at the side of one of the enemies; the lasers will then pass by you without harm. To avoid the fireballs, simply stay vigilant, and get ready to jump or move out of the way when they start coming your way.

After a few rounds of this, the smaller enemies will disappear, and the huge Argus, God of Darknet will reappear. Now’s your chance to damage him – but you still need to be careful.

He flips between being vulnerable and shielded, but the shield never lasts long; we recommend you keep firing at him regardless, locking your aim in his position. But while you’re shooting at him, he’ll be trying to damage you, too. Argus, God of Darknet shoots coils at you, forming beams between the floor and himself. Pay attention to the floor and you can see where the beams will land. Simply avoid these spots, and you should avoid damage.

Depending on the power of your gun and how much damage you can cause to Argus, you may have to repeat both phases a couple of times. The second time Argus appears, it’s likely you’ll have to deal with him and the smaller, red enemies. The same rules apply; you just need to watch out for both sets of attacks at the same time.

Stay calm and pay attention to your surroundings, and you’ll have beat Neon Abyss’ first manager boss in no time.

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