How to Dash in Carrion

In Carrion, your oozing behemoth may be menacing, but it’s rarely fast. However, there’s a way to put on a boost of speed and dash about. Here’s how and why you should do that.

Like The Blob, The Thing and all manner of other menacing abominations, the monster you play in Carrion isn’t going to win any races. But there’s a way to give yourself a speed boost and it’s not just so you can look flash.

If you’re going to dash, you first need to get the medium monster upgrade or, as Carrion calls it, Xiphorrhea. Once you’ve retrieved this upgrade (it’s the second one you get) you can take on extra biomass, often by devouring people, to become a medium sized monster.


Then, by holding the offensive ability button (usually the right shoulder button) you’ll dash with a brief burst of speed, slamming into anything in your path. Nice for you, not so nice for the people you plough into.

But your dash move isn’t just about damaging foes; it also lets you slam through the wooden barriers that prevent you from making progress. This ability is tied to your medium monster form so if you upgrade to a large monster, you’ll need to downgrade back to your medium form to use it again.