How to Dye Clothes in Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima 09_Torii 01

As you make your way through Ghost of Tsushima, chances are you’ll want to customise Jin’s appearance.

While you can’t change how Jin himself looks in Ghost of Tsushima, you can change what he wears, and also the colour of what he wears. In the game, it’s called dyeing his clothes.

To dye Jin’s clothes in Ghost of Tsushima, you need to collect flowers. They can be found throughout the world as you explore. Simply look for brightly coloured flowers, approach them, and then press the right trigger to collect them. Once you have some flowers, you can use them at merchants to dye your clothes.

You’ll find merchants at most settlements and camps – simply talk to them and you’ll be able to exchange your flowers for what are essentially skins for your weapons and armour. Sometimes merchants have hats that you can buy with flowers as well.

There are also black dye merchants to find while out in Ghost of Tsushima‘s open world, and they have yet more skins for you to purchase with flowers. Generally darker in tone, they tend to require more flowers to purchase, however. In addition, locating pillars of honour will unlock more sword skins, while completing haikus will unlock more headbands. Some face coverings can be acquired at gifts, too. Make sure you visit the gift altar when you have one available.

Once you’ve unlocked some dyes, or skins, open up the main menu with the options button, navigate to the gear screen, and then select the item of gear you want to equip or customise. You’ll then find you can switch between the dyes you’ve acquired to give your clothes, swords, or even bows, a new look.

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