How to Enable Arachnophobia Safe Mode in Grounded

If you find coming face-to-face with a huge eight-legged beast a bit too much to bear in Grounded, you can adjust their appearance in the options.

Obsidian has packed in a lot of really neat accessibility options in Grounded, its survival game that shrinks you down to the size of an ant. One of the most unique is its Arachnophobia Safe Mode. There’s a lot of giant spiders in the game, but if you’re not so keen on the eight-legged critters, you can change their appearance to make them less creepy.

In order to turn the safe mode on, head into the game’s options. From there, click onto the Accessibility tab.


The first option you’ll see in there is ‘Arachnophobia Safe Mode’. It’s presented as a slider, which allows you to make spiders as much less spider-like as you’d like. On default, the spiders are normal, but adjusting the slider will remove legs, textures and more until you’re left with nothing but a floating blob.

And who can be scared of a floating blob?

Of course, it takes something away from the aesthetic, but if you’re afraid of spiders, it’s an excellent addition to the game.