How to Equip Items in Nowhere Prophet

Nowhere Prophet

If you’re wondering how your leader equips items in Nowhere Prophet, it’s super simple. Read our guide and find out how.

As you venture through the wastelands in Nowhere Prophet you’re going to be picking up lots of loot and goods for you and your convoy. Some of those items will be equippable for your leader. These can be special armour, weapons and more.

In order to equip these items, first you’ll have to acquire them in battle. Simply beat a few thugs and eventually you’ll find an item that your leader can equip.


Once you’ve got some equipment, head to a safe resting place. Click on the purple deck on the bottom right of your screen. Underneath your leader’s photo you’ll see six slots where you can equip items. Many of the slots will be locked when you start the game, but you’ll start with two empty slots. Click on the slot to see the item and equip it there for your leader.

You can also choose to dismantle equipment and gain a card instead of an item for your leader to equip.

And there you have it. If you collect equipment in Nowhere Prophet that’s how you’ll equip it!