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How to Get Nurnies in Ooblets

Wondering how to get the Nurnies you need to repair things in Ooblets? Read on.

Animal Crossing-alike Ooblets has you doing a lot of odd jobs for the residents of this cutesy town, jobs which often involve repairing things. For this you need Nurnies, represented by a green spring; in fact, if you want to fix up your own farmhouse you’ll need to get your hands on some sharpish. But where do you get Nurnies from?

The good news is that you don’t have to look far to find Nurnies. Your get your hands on these little mechanical components by clearing out your farm. How did they get there? Did you get given the house because the ground is 50% springs?

Either way, you’ve got a small chance of getting a Nurny when you clear up weeds on your farm, but you’re almost guaranteed to get one when you smash a rock. Rocks and weeds will reappear on your farm if you give them time so you’ve got an infinite supply of them.

We gathered so many Nurnies that we had to shove them in the chest inside our farmhouse, but you’ll eventually find more uses for them. Fixing the Printy Press, for example, uses up Nurnies, as do several other tasks.

Whatever you use them for, poking around your garden is a sure way to get your hands on Nurnies in Ooblets.

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