How to Get Past Harpoons in Carrion

Are you having trouble getting past Carrion’s homing harpoons? Have you hit every button on your joypad but still can’t stop your creature exploding? Here’s what you need to know.

Harpoons are great if you’re a masked serial killer, stalking the corridors of a long forgotten trawler, not so great if you’re a whale. And if you’re the slimy, many-tentacled terror featured in Carrion they’ll cause you a lot of problems.

Harpoons are fired by various wall emplacements, which are often positioned so you can’t get past without setting them off. You can’t avoid them and once they’ve homed in on you they’ll explode shortly after, taking you with them. To avoid them you need the following:


  • The keratosis upgrade
  • A large-sized creature
  • A full energy meter.

If you’re not far enough to get the keratosis upgrade, which lets you form a hard shell around your creature, you should steer clear of the harpoon emplacements. Once you do have this upgrade, charge your creature’s energy from a nearby power box, make sure you’re at “large” size (so you have at least one of the red bars it up).

Then, go up to the harpoon and when it reaches you, hold down the defensive power button, typically the left trigger. Hey presto, the harpoon will explode without doing you any damage.

But wait, there’s more! Aside from being an obstacle, harpoons can help you get past other obstacles in Carrion. You’ll come across several metal block barriers, which don’t look as solid as the heavy doors.

To get past these, you need to get a harpoon to follow you, then quickly go to the barrier, holding down the trigger. When the harpoon explodes it’ll take the barrier with it. Be careful, though – if you don’t have a full energy meter, you’ll explode.