How to Get Past Lasers in Carrion

Sick of getting doors shut on you in Carrion? Wondering how to get past the lasers that make them close? Here’s what you need to know.

Lasers crop up in Carrion, but they’re not the type that scorch your creature’s flesh. Instead, the lasers featured in this reverse horror game act as tripwires; try to slither through them and they’ll activate. Tripping a laser and a door or barrier nearby will close, barring your progress. So what to do you? Here’s the steps you need to follow to avoid them.

  1. Get the invisibility power
  2. Charge up your creature’s energy
  3. Shrink down to the smallest size
  4. Activate your invisibility
  5. Quickly move past the laser

Get invisibility

You can’t bypass the lasers until you’ve acquired the invisibility skill, which comes about a third of the way into the game, depending on which areas you’re exploring first. If you’ve not got the ability, you’re probably not far enough yet.


Charge up your creature’s energy

Your creature has an energy bank, which is recharged by grabbing power boxes. If your energy meter at the bottom left of the screen is empty, you need to find a power box, pull the grate off and grab it till the meters full.

Shrink down to the smallest size

The invisibility power can only be used by your creature’s smallest form, so you might need to shrink down. You can do this by getting shot at, but it’s risky. The best way is to find a red pool, jump into it and hold down the button until you’ve lost enough biomass that only your red health meter is full.

Activate your invisibility

Next, go back to the laser and hold down the defensive ability button, usually the left shoulder button on your controller. Quickly move past the laser and you’re home free.

Sometimes there’s a way of deactivating the laser permanently, other times you’ll have to find a way around or just keep using invisibility each time you pass.

Happy monstering!