How to Heal Your Leader and Convoy in Nowhere Prophet

Nowhere Prophet

Wondering how to heal your leader as well as your convoy in Nowhere Prophet? We’ve got the answer for you.

It’s important when playing Nowhere Prophet that you keep track of your convoy’s health as well as your leader’s health. Unlike other deck-building games, you don’t gain any health between battles. So how do you heal up after you’ve taken damage in battle? There’s a couple different ways.

The easiest way is by heading to a location on the map that allows you to rest. It uses up some of your resources, but it lets you fully heal your followers and yourself if you’ve got enough.


You can also acquire healer cards, but this isn’t so easy. Any chance you have to recruit new followers you have the opportunity to pick up healer cards. These cards usually heal just your followers, but certain cards also heal your leader, like “Tender’s Hand” which heals them for 5 damage.

The final way to heal just one of your followers is to let them get the final blow to the enemy leader in battle. This will give them a blessing which heals them.

And that’s the best strategy players can use to heal themselves up during battle in Nowhere Prophet. Hope this helps!