How to Level Up Your Leader in Nowhere Prophet

Nowhere Prophet

Trying to figure out how to level up your leader in Nowhere Prophet? Here’s your answer. 

The key to getting better at Nowhere Prophet is keeping track of how your deck works together as well as the stats of each of your convoy members. It’s also incredibly important to upgrade your leader: the more powerful your leader is, the harder they’ll be to eliminate. 

As you win battles throughout the game, you’ll earn experience points. Once you’ve earned enough experience points, you can use your saved up batteries (one of the forms of currency in the game) to level up your leader. 


When at a stopping point, click on the purple deck on the bottom right side of the screen to pull up your leader and their deck. Select your leader, spend the batteries to level them up and from there you’ll be given a few cards to choose from. Pick three at random and you’re able to choose one to add to your deck.

Levelling up also gives your leader increased maximum health.

And there you have it. If you’re looking to level up your leader in Nowhere Prophet just win some battles and earn some XP!