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superhot mind control delete throw weapons

How to Pick Up and Throw Weapons in Superhot: Mind Control Delete

Can’t figure out how to throw weapons in Superhot: Mind Control Delete? We’ve got just the tips you need. 

Superhot: Mind Control Delete is all about keeping track of where your enemies are in the room, where weapons are and, of course, the best way to make sure that you’re the last man standing. Part of making sure that happens in utilising the ability to throw weapons away when you’ve finished with them. 

In order to pick up items you’ll have to approach them carefully – don’t forget any time you move your enemies are moving too – until you see the symbol of what looks like a hand picking something up. From there you’ll want to use your pick up button (RT/R2) to grab the weapon, use it any way you wish and then, once you’re ready to throw it, use your secondary action button (RB/R1).

Aim carefully because if you’ve got an enemy running towards you they can easily dodge your weapon throw if you don’t throw it a little bit further ahead of them. 

I hope this tip helps you all master picking up and tossing weapons around in Superhot: Mind Control Delete

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