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How to Ping Danger in Call of Duty: Warzone

In Call of Duty: Warzone, communication is key to victory.

One of the most helpful tools that you’re given in this regard is the “ping” system. Many battle royales have it, but Warzone’s is a little more nuanced. Here’s how to ping danger.

The basic way to ping is simply to look in the direction you wish to ping, and press ‘Up’ on the d-pad (or Left Alt if you’re on PC). The button is context-sensitive; if you are looking at a weapon or mission, it will mark it on the map for your teammates. This can be extremely useful in the early stages of Warzone where certain members of your team might have specialities or weapon preferences. Rather than have them scrambling to find a weapon you spotted “over there”, you can simply ping it for them. The same applies to vehicles.

You can also ping locations this way; such as a nearby building that you think might make a good fortified position. When pinging locations, it shows as a large colour-coded arrow, pointing downward. Each player has their own colour, so you can distinguish which player is marking at any one time. The only slight annoyance here is that the colour each player is assigned will change between games. So if you were blue one game, you might not be blue the next. Pay attention to this to avoid confusion of who is pinging what!

It should be said that you can also ping locations using your tactical map. Access your tactical map by pressing the “back” button on an Xbox One controller or the touchpad on PS4. You can then move your cursor across the map and use ‘up’ on the d-pad as usual to ping a position. This allows you to mark more distant locations.

Lastly, and most importantly, you can ping enemies. When you ping an enemy, it will flash red, a large marker will appear over their head, and it will make a different sound to a normal ping. In addition, the marker will remain with the enemy-player as they move (if only for a couple of seconds), allowing you to track their movements more dynamically. This will give your team an awareness of exactly where enemies are, allowing you to either circumnavigate them, or ambush them with a deadly crossfire.

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