How to Save Your Game in Grounded

Heading out on an oversized adventure in Grounded, Obsidian’s brand new survival adventure, and wondering how to save your game? Here’s what you need to know.

Grounded is all about surviving. As such, it’d be too easy to keep hitting ‘save’ every time you get into a spot of bother. There’s no option to manually save your game as a result. But you’ll be pleased to hear there’s a fairly robust save system. So if you want to quit, or should your game crash, you should never lose more than a few minutes of progress.

In fact, you can even change how often the game saves by heading into the main options. From the menu, head over to ‘game options’. From there, you can adjust a slider that will alter the autosave interval. The lowest you can select is five minutes – which is the default setting. If you’d rather play with fewer saves, you can adjust this minute by minute, up to 20.

You’re probably going to die quite a lot while you learn the ropes in Grounded, though, so just enjoy the adventure and don’t worry about saving along the way.