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How to Save Your Game in Superhot: Mind Control Delete

Wondering how to save your game in Superhot: Mind Control Delete? Here’s how.

When you start off in Superhot: Mind Control Delete you’re going to be blazing through level after level taking out enemies and honing your craft. But when you’re finally ready to put down the controller and walk away, how can you be sure your progress is saved?

Thankfully, Superhot: Mind Control Delete has an autosave feature so you actually don’t have to save your game at all. If at any point during the game you want to quit, simply press your menu button and click “No more.” This will bring you back to the game’s main menu.

Unfortunately, if you stop in the middle of a level you’ll lose all your progress. But after completing a level, the game will save automatically. You’ll never have to redo a level that you’ve already completed, so relax and let the autosave do the hard work.

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