How to Scrap a Card in Nowhere Prophet

Not all cards are created equal, but how do you scrap cards in Nowhere Prophet? We’ve got an answer for you!

While it’s important for you to put together a powerful deck in Nowhere Prophet, sometimes you’ll get stuck with a card you just don’t need. Especially at the beginning when you end up with some expensive cards you just aren’t able to play.

Scrapping a card is pretty easy. When you’re in a battle and it’s your turn, you can see the cards that are available to play. On the left side are your convoy cards and on the right side are your leader cards. In the middle you’ll see what looks like an empty spot as well as an infinity symbol. This is where you’ll drag cards that you don’t want.


You can only perform this action one time for one card per turn.

This can be a very valuable feature for you to utilise because it can mean the difference between not whether or not you have convoy members on the board, but can also mean life or death for your leader.

And that’s it. If you feel like scrapping some cards during battle in Nowhere Prophet, that’s how. Good luck!