How to Switch Abilities in Carrion

Are you playing Carrion and wondering how to switch between your creature’s abilities? Read on…

Carrion is a blood-splattered fleshoidvania which sees you controlling a creature that’s escaped from an underground lab. In your quest for freedom, you eat a lot of people and acquire all sorts of new abilities, from firing webs through to turning your skin hard. But how do you switch between these abilities?

The answer is, you change biomass size. Your creature has three sizes: small, medium and large. Each size has two unique abilities, one offensive and one defensive. The forms and ability pairings are as follows:


  • Small monster: arachnoptysis (webs), photokinesis (invisibility)
  • Medium monster: Xiphorrhea (dash), acanthosis (spikes)
  • Large monster: keratosis (hard skin), harpagorrhea (flesh harpoons)

So if you want to use the invisibility ability to sneak past lasers, and you’ve made sure your energy reserves are full, you’ve got to switch sizes.

To change sizes, and so change abilities, you need to find a red pool. Slither into the red pool and you’ll be able to hold down the ‘A’ button to release biomass into the water. This will bring your form down one size.

Then, slither out and you’ll find your abilities have changed. To switch back, you need to eat people or go back to one of the pools and eat the biomass you left behind.

And that’s how you switch abilities in Carrion.