How to Switch Characters in Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail has a large roster of guild members you can take control of – but how do you switch between characters while playing?

You can’t switch between all characters at the push of a button; you can only switch between the characters in your party. You can change up your party by heading into the game’s menu. Not all characters will be available at any one time, and it also depends if you have an active quest or not. Certain quests demand you complete them with a particular lineup of characters.

But you can choose who your active character is at any time. Simply hit your right trigger (R2 on PS4) and the character you’re controlling will change. Keep hitting R2 and you’ll cycle through each character in your party.


It’s useful to change characters every so often while in the guild building and out around town. There are certain friendship-building missions that can only be completed by a particular character, and so switching over will allow you to complete these.

For the most part, though, it doesn’t really matter which character you play as in Fairy Tail, so choose whichever you feel the most affinity for. But bear in mind that story missions and quests will often automatically change up who appears in your party as the narrative dictates.