How to Unlock Characters in Neon Abyss

Neon Abyss has a whole roster of characters to choose from, but only two are unlocked at the start of the game. How do you unlock the rest of them?

Each character in Neon Abyss has their own unique perks and skills. Your two starter characters – Wade and Anna – don’t have any extra skills, but they do start with either a selection of items or extra health, which is very helpful in itself. Other characters have interesting quirks such as being able to perform a dodge-roll, or only having shields instead of hearts. But how do you unlock any of them?

You’re going to have to play quite a lot of Neon Abyss before you start unlocking new characters. Each character becomes available as you make your way through the upgrade trees, which you can access at the bar in the hub area.


For each boss you beat while playing through Neon Abyss, you’ll earn a gem. These gems can be spent on upgrades, which include things like new items, new bonus room types and – you guessed it – new characters. However: there are several upgrade trees to work through, and only one or two characters are available on each upgrade tree. You’ll need to unlock smaller upgrades before being able to access a character, and none of them are cheap.

The first character you can unlock is Matt, who can perform a dodge roll. He’s unlockable on the first upgrade tree, but he costs 15 gems.

If you want to play as a different character in Neon Abyss, then prioritise unlocking them as you earn gems. But admittedly they’re not all very useful. Check out their skills first before deciding whether you want to unlock them. We’ve found Anna’s extra heart and Wade’s starter key and bomb to be more useful than most skills.